About me

Projects done as a freelancer
years working in webmarketing
ideas to take your business to the next level

Who am I?

Passionate about technology and ergonomics, I am curious and always on the lookout for innovations in design. I am creative, meticulous, versatile and attentive to my clients. I always start my projects by listening to clients and totally adapting my approach to their needs.

To have good SEO, I think the first step is to work on natural SEO.
Why is that?
The basis of your site, code, texts, images, keywords, compliance with handicap standards, etc. is what gets you a solid foundation for search engine optimization. The many Google algorithms scan your site to assess its relevance according to lots of criteria that evolve over time.
I am here to guide you through this maze of rules and customs, which will allow you to have the best visibility.

My first job

In 2013, during my first year of master’s degree in communication, I worked as a communications officer in an association based in Montpellier.

My main tasks were to create a visual identity, a graphic charter, a logo, a website.
I was also involved in the management of social networks, and the organization of events.

My studies

After obtaining a bachelor’s degree in English, I continued with a master’s degree in communication and project management, then completed this course with a training in Webdesign UI/UX and a training in JAVA/Angular development.

They trust me